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*New* Express Entry System

We are so excited to have our new Express Lanes in our Reception to allow customers who have pre booked and paid for their activities to skip the queues. The Express Lanes will be activated from 19 May 2022 following the laying of the new flooring.

We hope to be able to answer most questions below:

Can I use my existing 2RM Swipe Card?

Any existing swipe cards are not compatible with the new system, so all customers will need to visit the team at Reception to collect their new Express Lane cards (first card is upgraded for free) or you may prefer to purchase a silicone wristband from Reception (£4). These need to be linked to your account before they’ll start working.

How do I use the Express Lane?

Simply approach one of the entry gates (look for the green lights) and present your new Express Lane card/wristband to the black scan pad. The gate should open swiftly and allow access.

Please be aware, if there are any unpaid sales due on your account or any account flags, you will not be able to gain access through the Express Lane. If this is the case, please visit Reception to resolve.

All gates allow you to exit the centre- again look for the green lights.

How has accessibility changed?

All of the Express Lanes are DDA compliant- and the middle lane is even wider still- so customers who use wheelchairs or pushchairs will be able to access the centre as usual.

We welcome anyone with any other concerns relating to access needs to contact us to discuss individual requirements.

Do I still have to visit the Receptionist/How do I avoid the queues for the Receptionist?

To be able to gain access to the centre without visiting the Receptionist, you will need to have an activity booked on your account which is due to start shortly.

Pre booking an activity can be easily done using your online profile for gym, swim, fitness classes and most court/pitch bookings.

If you have not used your online profile before, you may find the information here to be helpful or please contact for assistance to get started.

My child attends the Junior Academies (swim/gymnastics/squash/trampoline)- what do we need to do?

Junior Academy members are automatically booked in to their activities on a weekly basis so do not need to do anything differently- please ensure your child remembers to bring their card/wristband!

As a parent/adult accompanying the child, you will need to ask the child to pass their card/wristband back over the gate for you to get through after or if there are multiple siblings etc forming a larger group, you may find it easier to visit the receptionist to manually release the lane for you.

I am part of an external organised group who uses the centre for my activity, how do I gain access?

As you are not a direct Two Riversmeet customer, you will need to visit the Receptionist to manually release the lane for you.

Can I still visit the Receptionist?

Yes of course! Our lovely team of Receptionists are still going to be available to assist anyone who needs it.

We hope that the majority of customers will be able to go straight to the Express Lane, which will create extra time for our Reception staff to support those who have questions or need help.

I’ve lost my Express Lane card/wrist band- what do I do?

Please inform Reception immediately so we can prevent unauthorised use.

Replacement cards/wristbands are £4.00.

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Join & Book Online

Using our online booking system is easy and convenient. Once you register your details, you can book your activity online now.

If you have never accessed the online booking system, let us know and we can give you the information needed to get logged in, however clicking the "forgotten my password" link should resolve any issues with logging in as you will be sent all of the information that you require. The email address you enter must be the same one that we have on our system.

GSC Members can book classes up to 10 days in advance

Priority Members can book classes up to 7 days in advance.

Current members

You’ll be able to log on to our online booking system to book and pay for the class. If you have never accessed the online booking system, let us know and we can give you the information needed to get logged in.

Previous members

If you're not a current member but have been one previously, or have registered your details on our system before and remember your login details, you should be able to access the booking system straight away to book and pay for the class. If you have forgotten your password, follow the link on the page. If you need further help with your log on details please get in touch with us.

Not a member

If you've never had a membership with us or registered your details on our system, you'll need to register your details by visiting our membership area.

Once you’ve created a profile you’ll be able to log on to our booking system straight away, where you can book and pay for your class.

Reasons to Join

There are many reasons to sign up to one of our membership packages at Two Riversmeet. Here's a few:

  • access to two swimming pools
  • no hidden sign up fees
  • all round gym, swim and class leisure package at a competitive price
  • free monthly gym, swim and class guest passes for family and friends
  • free table tennis
  • squash and badminton included (before 12 every day)
  • largest and safest, COVID-19 secure fitness class studio in Christchurch
  • over 60 instructor-led fitness classes a week
  • two refurbished gyms with state of the art equipment
  • an amazing team with over 30 years of experience ensuring the facility and services continually evolve to meet your needs

You can find out more about our membership packages below.

Gym, Swim and Class Membership

The Gym, Swim and Class Membership includes

  • use of the fitness suite
  • public swimming sessions
  • over 60 fitness classes each week
  • gym induction
  • book facilities up to 10 days in advance
  • badminton before 12 midday every day
  • squash before 12 midday every day
  • table tennis hire

Price List

Membership Price
Gym, Swim and Class Adult (12 months min) DD £35
Gym, Swim and Class Senior (12 months min) DD £33.60
Gym, Swim and Class Adult 12 Months Upfront  £399
Gym, Swim and Class Senior 12 Months Upfront £369
Gym, Swim and Class Student 12 months Upfront  £288
Gym, Swim and Class Adult (rolling) DD £39.99
Gym, Swim and Class Senior (rolling) DD £38
Gym, Swim and Class Student (rolling) DD £26
Adult Swim Membership

The Adult Swim Membership includes:

  • book other centre facilities up to seven days in advance
  • membership card can be used as a deposit
  • monthly payment made through direct debit.
Membership Price
Swim Membership Adult - upfront, 12 months £330
Swim Membership Senior - upfront, 12 months £275
Swim Only Adult (12 months min) DD £30.40
Swim Only Student (12 months min) DD £25
Swim Only Adult (rolling) DD £35
Swim Only Senior (rolling) DD £31.10
Junior Bolt On (to Adult GSC) (rolling) DD  £8.40
Junior Bolt On (to Adult 23GSC) - upfront, 12 months £89.20
Active Teen Membership

Welcome to all of our Active Teens (11-15 years). We have a special membership at a great rate just for you!

The Active Teen Membership is £23 when paid by Direct Debit.

This fantastic membership offers a chance to take advantage of more than just our Teenfit sessions. The membership includes:

  • Teenfit sessions (see below for further information)
  • table tennis
  • swimming (during public swim times)
  • Teen Sport Pass.


Priority Membership

With a Priority membership, you can:

  • book facilities up to 7 days in advance
  • enjoy special member only offers
  • get free equipment hire during the weekends
  • use your membership card as a deposit.

This option is payable annually. It costs £17.80 a year for adults, £12.00 a year for seniors, and £9.40 a year for juniors.

Corporate Membership

By signing up to our corporate membership, you can enjoy all the usual benefits of a full, GSC Membership with no joining fee.

What's included

With our corporate membership, you get 20% discount from our usual standard, adult monthly rate for GSC membership. Please note that this discount is not offered on promotions, offers or concessionary rates.

Eligible employers

We have identified numerous businesses which meet our criteria for auto eligibility. A selection of them are listed below. We would be delighted to consider your place of work for eligibility if it is not currently listed.

  • Kondor
  • Beagle Technology Group
  • Curtis Wright
  • Solent International
  • Spectrum Housing Group
  • Sainsbury's
  • Twynham Learning
  • Cega Group
  • Waitrose & Partners
  • Royal Mail
  • Hampshire County Council
  • Draken Europe
  • J P Morgan.

Corporate membership is also available for the following civil service workers:

  • NHS employees
  • fire service
  • police officers
  • armed forces
  • RNLI members.

Become a member

Signing up is easy. Just present proof of employment to one of our friendly reception team members and they will guide you through the process.

Blue Light Card holders

Show us your Blue Light Card and you will have instant eligibility. This is open to:

  • ambulance service
  • 4x4 Response
  • Blood Bikes
  • Border Force
  • British Army
  • Cave Rescue
  • Community First Responders
  • Fire Service
  • Highways England Traffic Officers
  • HM Armed Forces Veterans
  • HM Coastguard
  • HM Prison Service
  • Immigration Enforcement
  • Lowland Search and Rescue
  • MoD Fire Service
  • MoD Police
  • Mountain Rescue
  • NHS
  • Police
  • Red Cross
  • Reserve Armed Forces
  • RNLI
  • Royal Air Force
  • Royal Marines
  • Royal Navy
  • Search and Rescue
  • Second Line Responders
  • Social Care Workers
  • St. Andrews Ambulance
  • St. John Ambulance
  • UK Visas and Immigration

If you would like any further information or to check your employer's eligibility, please contact

Member's Guest Passes

Each member is invited to allow a guest to use the centre each month. Your guest can enjoy a free seven day trial as a full Gym, Swim and Class member.

Terms and conditions:

  • members can use one guest pass per calendar month. It doesn’t matter which day of the month the pass starts on
  • each member can use a maximum of 12 guest passes per year
  • the start date must be in the month confirmed by the member, but can overflow into the following month
  • a second guest pass can be started in a new month even if the one for the previous month is still in effect
  • guests are expected to adhere to all terms and conditions of the full pass.

Don't forget, if your guest signs up as a full GSC member, you can also enjoy a free month's membership once the membership of the person you're referring has been validated and we've received payment. Find out more about the refer a friend scheme.

Refer a Friend Scheme

You can get one month's free membership when you refer someone else to sign up for Gym, Swim and Class membership.

To be eligible for one month's free membership on the refer a friend scheme you must:

  • be a current GSC member
  • be introducing your friend as a first time, new visitor to Two Riversmeet Leisure Complex.

You'll get your free month's membership once the membership of the person you're referring has been validated and we've received payment.

Your friend has 10 days to join the leisure centre from the day you refer them.

Members you've previously referred won't be backdated.